Flowers From Lisa's


Flower Care

It's very important to care for you flowers correctly to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of them. Please follow the pointers below and you'll be sure to get many cheery days from them.

  • If flowers are arranged in florist foam, the water should be replaced with flower preservative and toped up daily, taking care not to overfill container. Preservative sachets will be supplied free with each flower order, and extra available at stores if required.
  • If you receive cut flowers, trim stems diagonally about 2 cm from the base prior to placing in perservative. Take special care to remove all leaves that will be under water as they will quickly spoil the water.
  • Position flowers away from drafts, direct heat and sunlight. Do not place them on heat generating appliances such as TV's and microwave ovens.
  • As some flowers will last longer than others, carefully remove spent blooms, especially if other flowers in your display are still alive.
  • Of course if you have any questions about flower care why not pop into our shop fronts in either Canelands or Mount Pleasant and we will be happy to answer your question.